AEM Executive Consultants Training Academy

AEM partners with companies and individuals to provide a coaching approach that utilizes self-paced online learning with personalized one-on-one coaching to enable professionals of all levels to gain the leadership and communication skills they need to succeed.  AEM’s Training Academy has been the extra level of support that many in the workforce are looking for today.

Nearly 40% of today’s workforce is made up of a generation that is wanting development from their employer.  This has been the difference between gaining an employee with a renewed purpose or losing an employee to another business.  The cost to replace an employee today is 20% of the annual salary, so development and investment is especially critical in today’s workforce climate.  You must meet your team where they are to get them where you want them to go and AEM is equipped to do exactly that.

Online Developmental Courses

Overwhelmed on where to start with a new team, territory, task, or position? Ready to learn the do’s & don’ts?

Do you lead a team or manage a team? Learn the difference here!

Need to master how to address bad performance on your team? Want to learn how to position bad news with leadership?

Ready to impact performance but not sure where to begin?

Are your Sunday nights filled with thoughts of dreading going back to work on Monday? Learn if it’s the job or something else.

Are you searching for your purpose in your career but are not sure how to identify it?

Are you concerned that the team that you have formed, or are part of, are different now that you are working virtually? Ready to learn why?

Do you feel like the differences in generations amongst your team is causing friction? Are you looking for answers?

Ever been told you were being emotional at work? Want to learn what Emotional Intelligence is and its massive impact on your success?