Character is What You Say When You Think No One is Listening

An elderly lady had a hearing-aid fitted, hidden underneath her hair. A week later she returned to the doctor for her check-up. “It’s wonderful – I can hear everything now,” she reported very happily to the doctor. “And is your family pleased too?” asked the doctor. “Oh I haven’t told them yet,” said the elderly lady, “But I’ve changed my will twice already!“

When I started AEM Executive Consultants I vowed to work with those who operate with integrity & character rather than any client willing to pay. Sometimes you have to make tough decisions but it’s those tough decisions that create character.

You, your team, your company, are all representatives of your brand. If you are ever in a position where a client reaches out to make you aware of an unpleasant experience with someone from your company or on your team, make the conscious decision to coach them on the importance of their actions rather than scolding them for their behavior.

Be mindful that when you aim to serve your employees and clients with purpose, only then the culture shift happens because true Leaders models the desired behavior.

Biz Lesson: “Hire for character, train for skills.” – Michael Josephson

Letty Sanchez, Principal Consultant/Lead Business Strategist, AEM Executive Consultants