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Courage is a Choice

One day a boy said to his dad, “My friend cried today when he was asked to read in front of class. After school my teacher told his mom that if he didn’t learn to speak in front of class, his fear would grow. How does fear grow & why make him do it if it makes him cry?”

His dad said, “You remember Uncle Joe?”

“Yes,” the boy replied, “He was killed by a bear before I was born.”

“Well, there’s more to the story,” his father replied, “Uncle Joy was scared of bears until he found a cub in the woods. He knew he shouldn’t mess with it but he thought he was stronger than the cub so he began to feed him scraps & the cub followed him home. He let him in his house & the bear got bigger & more demanding. We told him not to feed the bear, but he didn’t listen even though it was destroying his home. One day, the bear got up on its hind legs & with one swipe of his huge paw, Uncle Joe was killed. You see son, our fears often start small until we begin to feed them. They get bigger & bigger until they take us over & kill us. Not literally, but in a way they limit our ability to live the life we’re meant for. Tell your friend to try no matter how much fear he has. Each time it will get easier because what you feed grows & what you starve dies.”

Business Tip: Everything you want is on the other side of fear. –Jack Canfield

Letty Sanchez, Principal Consultant/Lead Business Strategist, AEM Executive Consultants