GeneralOvercoming Obstacles

Decision-Making is a Skill. Wisdom is a Leadership Trait.

A well know soap company had a problem affecting their share price.

One in every 100 boxes of soap was shipping empty & the Chairman had heard enough.

He demanded the CEO hire the best Manufacturing Engineer immediately.

Five months & $10 million later, Industrial machinery was installed with sensor-driven scales that would sound an alarm when an empty soap box was detected.

The effects were immediate & the reports came in showing 100’s of defected boxes caught.

The Chairman decided to announce their success to their shareholders until an oddity was noticed.

A new report showed zero empty boxes being traced by the sensors.

Confused, the Chairman & the CEO flew to the factory where the Supervisor escorted the two down to the assembly line 20 feet before the high-tech sensor scales where located.

The Supervisor explained that the alarms were so loud that the Line Workers devised a plan to stop them.

They knew the solution was no empty soap boxes, so they asked the Supervisor to purchase three $100 industrial fans to aim at the assembly line before the boxes reached the sensors.

There sat the 3 fans blowing on the assembly line, and within the breeze flew empty boxes of soap.

Business Tips: 1) Resist the urge to problem solve in fear & reactionary, it will cloud your judgement.  2) Be mindful of the value that all team members bring and seek their feedback, especially when the issue is on the front lines.  3) Spending money is not always the right answer.

Letty Sanchez, Principal Consultant/Lead Business Strategist, AEM Executive Consultants