Our Process

Our Clients Started Their Career Because They Love What They Do

We address the areas that are pulling our clients away from their passion.  Working with thousands of businesses and leaders over the last 20 years has provided a unique benefit of identifying the underlying issues that are preventing or limiting success.   

Our first step is meeting to identify what you are looking to solve for in your career or business.  Whether it is looking at areas to grow, capitalizing on the areas that you are excelling in or uncovering and addressing your pain points, AEM will provide a transparent view, laying out the strategic steps for success.  Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.

Example Strategic Meeting Format:

  • Review Your History – What led you to this industry? What was it that drove you to your current position?  Are you looking to expand further/higher or scale back?

  • Discuss Your Goals – What are you seeking to gain? Are you looking for financial improvements, work/life balance, office dynamic improvements, cost analysis for a future product, service, investment or growth area?

  • Identify Your Timeline – How soon do you want/need to see change?  Is your timeline based on a planned venture?

  • Identify Your Expectations – Do you envision being able to participate in strategic changes? Are you looking for a strategic step-by-step execution guide?  Are you envisioning that we work to execute the plan with a key team member? 

  • Provide Strategic Next Steps – We will align on the launch of your strategic plan outlined with each phase of the approach and tools needed for the successful execution.  You will receive detailed insights, processes and easily adaptable solutions tailored to your business needs.  This is where our passion takes over to allow you to get back to yours!

Let us provide the transparency that is crucial in enabling you to make solid decisions for your business.