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Punch Today in the Face

You, staring at the mounting bills for your business.
You, sitting in traffic on the way to your job thinking of switching companies.
You, surfing the web for new opportunities.
You, wanting to return to the job market after time away to raise a family.
You, the once-top salesperson of long ago.
You, the leader of a team you secretly loathe.

Today YOU have a job interview with…
Every person who encounters you.
Every person in proximity to a hiring manager.
Every person you lead on a team.

Remember to display 3 key skills:
1) Worth – What are you providing that others aren’t?
2) Conviction – Why is not hiring or buying from you a mistake?
3) Resolve – Why is it imperative to act NOW?

Take a minute and create your PVP, your Personal Value Proposition.
Mine: I’m Letty Sanchez and I help hungry clients rise to their peak with innovative strategies related to the goals that I help them establish.

I will bring out the best in you so you can bring out the best in your business, your team or your results.

OR you can
Keep staring at your mounting bills.
Keep thinking of switching jobs or returning to the job market.
Keep wanting to have top results again.
Keep loathing your team.

Business Tip: Nothing happens until you take action. Message me today.

Letty Sanchez, Principal Consultant/Lead Business Strategist, AEM Executive Consultants